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Located in DSA's own Littleton backyard at the corner of Downing and Hampden, Downing Street Lofts invites foot traffic with a warm brick-clad first floor and lush landscaping. The brick then extends up into a glowing tower that rises proudly above the corner of the block. 

The tower has articulated brick work, capping each window with a solder course and 'grounding' transparent elements with a stone sill. These large windows provide stunning views for the occupants inside. 

Working with developer, Metropolitan Residential Advisors, DSA sought to enhance the character of the surrounding structures. Downing Street Lofts seamlessly merges into the larger built community while maintaining a unique identity. 

Units:  180

Parking Spaces:  246

Building Type:  Wood Frame

Construction Type:  V-A, 4 Story

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